"Having been born into a hard-working middle-class family, I managed with sacrifice, not without pain, to forge a career as an entrepreneur and build a successful multinational company".


Each experience has become an experience worthy of sharing, and that is what Hernán seeks through his talks.

Each one of them reaches the heart of his listeners, because in each word he injects the energy necessary to undertake with a clear methodology, a route to make the objectives we have set in life a reality, and he teaches us to overcome the challenges it imposes on us with mental and emotional intelligence.

In recent years, he has become a renowned speaker who has inspired, motivated and enchanted thousands of people, students, professionals, athletes and business people alike.

“With half my voice… the keys to conquering “The Mountains Within” is a talk prepared especially for people who have dreams and goals and sometimes have thought that they cannot achieve them… In it they will realize that nothing is impossible, and that the most important thing is perseverance, discipline and love for what one does.

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