Reaching Everest’s summit planted a vision in my heart: we all carry within us peaks that we have to conquer. Having been raised in the bosom of a hardworking middle-class family, I was able, through often painful sacrifice, to forge a career as an entre- preneur and build a successful multinational company. I’ve learned that it isn’t luck but our own will that allows us to either overcome those mountains life puts before us, or let them become lifelong obstacles.


Holds a BA in Business Administration and Management from the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso. He is a leading entrepreneur and the founder of one of the most recognized companies in the financial field.

From his passionate love of mountain climbing he is one of only seven Chileans to have scaled the seven summits of the highest mountains in every continent, including the two poles.

It is from his desire to achieve sporting success combined with a professional attitude that has provided a model, that if followed, will enable one to overcome difficulties in the way of achieving goals and set targets.

An example of this focus and positive attitude can be illustrated when, in May 2018, Hernán became the first South American, in a single expedition, to reach the summit of Everest and then, only two days later, to scale the peak of Lhoste. In doing so he achieved a continental record.

Then, later in September of the same year, he conquered the summit of the sixth highest mountain in the world, Cho You whereupon he achieved a new record. This feat positioned him as the first Latin American to climb three mountains over 8,000 meters in less than six months.



The first thing an entrepreneur must understand is that “luck does not exist. There are only possibilities” ©.


Motivation is “moving to action”.  


Children are smarter than many adults think
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“I was born into a hard-working, middle-class family. I achieved through sacrifice, not without pain, to forge a career as an entrepreneur and build a successful multinational company”.



When you dream, there is never an end.

Hernan is a child daydreamer who is not doing well in school. After his parents’ demand more effort and sacrifice from him, he concentrates on his studies, leaving his imagination aside. Over the years he becomes a successful man and one day he realizes that he is about to achieve his most important dream.


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David Rojas

Several years ago, during a period of my life very different from now, without much in my pockets and without any clear objectives, I had an interview that marked a change in my life and the decisions that I would make in the future. I listened carefully to the interviewee (Hernán Leal) who detailed the start of his working life and his sports ambitions; however, the only thing that crossed my mind was “if he can do it, I can do it too”. I had never bothered to watch news programs, but then I thought I had to listen to the words of this hard-working man from Osorno with his dreams, goals, and clear objectives. In fact, I was just in the right place, moment, and time. The impact of that interview made me what I am today with all my achievements and goals accomplished. However this does not mean that I have achieved everything, but it helps me not give up, to know what it means to make a decision, have conviction, commitment and to get involved. That day I saw a natural leader, and I work every day to become like him, a leader who leaves an indelible mark on people. Finally, the most surprising thing is that I am currently part of the company that Hernán Leal founded!

Pablo Cid

Winner of “Emprende con Leal (Undertake with Leal)”.

I was awarded the “Emprende con Leal” prize, which was the beginning of a path to great learning. One of the first things I learnt was to carefully rethink the dream we are materializing. And, although it may sound banal, the reflections, examples, and stories in which you are immersed in week after week, makes you rethink even the most justified statements. This led to a quick change in our strategy.

From the beginning we knew that it would be a challenge to keep up to the expectations we had been given. Hernán is a person who challenges you; nonetheless, when you live the ethics, commitment and dedication to the work he has taught us, all our goals and dreams become achievable.

Another important, positive element which Hernán has given to us is the development of a business vision that allows us to understand the diverse strategies that the market presents to us daily. Through this, he urges us to be agents who articulate our own philosophy through the same language.

Every entrepreneur should listen to someone who has gone through a challenging process. Being mentored by Hernán and his great team is a privilege that has accelerated years of learning, mistakes and uncertainties. This great gesture is something that will become part of our company’s culture, so this chain will continue to forge and build the dreams of people willing to change the world.

Nicolas Pérez

Winner of “Emprende con Leal (Undertake with Leal)”.

It is quite funny that most of the times that amazing things have happened in my life, they have mostly been opportunities or moments that I had not planned for a long time. This is what serendipity is all about. Going to Switzerland after living in the US, starting a new business and meeting Hernan. All of these things have taken place by serendipity. I say serendipity about meeting Hernan because although we applied to his contest “emprende con Leal”, I was not expecting at all to meet someone like him. Through my conversations with him, I have taken a step back on how we do things with my co-founder about our business. We are no longer rushing to build something but we are now so much more focused on building something meaningful. It’s been through Hernan that we have been more thoughtful of the people we want to work with, and the clients we want to serve. If I could summarise my experience of working with Hernan, I would say that by talking with him I always get full of energy to work harder in order to build something meaningful.