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What is Business Coaching and how to apply it successfully?

Working as a team is not an easy task. We often find that the mood is not the best, communication fails, projects stagnate and positive results are not achieved. Fortunately, there is a way to solve these problems. Do you know about Business Coaching?

Today I will tell you everything you need to know about this practice and how to apply it in your company to achieve your goals, improve the relationship between your employees and achieve success.


Business Coaching: What is it and what is its purpose?

Allow me to explain this concept with an example:

Your team is faced with a challenge: it has to trace a path from point A to point B. Business coaching provides assistance throughout the journey so that the team can get to point B and achieve the objectives in a more positive way.

Coaching is a support process that allows employees to self-discover their skills and abilities while motivating them and boosting their courage to achieve common and, of course, personal goals.

But who provides this support?

This is where a coach comes into play, that is, the one who is in charge of tracing this path of support to the people in your company and helping them bring out their best version of themselves.

The coach is not only the person who will highlight the positive qualities of your team and help them achieve their objectives, but also the one who will help them develop new skills necessary for the business world.


The benefits and advantages of Business Coaching

Coaching has several advantages, however, I would like to emphasize three fundamental elements:

  • According to  Conexionesan,, “The International Coach Federation (ICF) states that executives who employ business coaching acquire better decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness and confidence. This will lead to greater productivity and better results for their companies.”
  • In addition, it serves to provide guidance and training to professional groups, strengthen personal and collective confidence, and increase the individual’s ability to commit to the projects being undertaken.
  • It is also a powerful tool for highlighting the teams’ strengths, broadening their perspective and vision of the work.
  • It facilitates the setting of short, medium and long term objectives, both individual and collective.


¿How to successfully apply Business Coaching?

There are two key points involved in any coaching process:

1) Problem identification.

2) Setting strategies and goals.


Let’s look into each case::

    1. The first step in implementing a coaching strategy in the company is to make a diagnosis of the situation and design a plan according to the needs of the work team. This will help to understand their current situation.
    2. We can then move on to the next step: defining strategies, goals and the performance metrics we want to achieve.

Thus, once the mentoring process is over, an assessment can be made to evaluate the objectives set at the beginning in order to demonstrate how the group and the individuals have evolved along the way.

How did you feel about this topic? From my experience as a coach, I can assure you that there is nothing that brings me as much personal satisfaction as seeing groups of people reaching their objectives and achieving their goals.

Do you need help in your company? ¡Let’s talk!!


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