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Successful strategy for starting a business with clear objectives

Two out of three people in the world think that entrepreneurship is a good idea, according to the School of Entrepreneurship..

You have probably thought about this and felt like starting a business for yourself, but have not made any progress in your business plan because you are not sure how to go about it. Perhaps you have been overcome by fear, putting a stop to all your plans.

Although this feeling is normal, now is not the time to let fear paralyze you and prevent you from fulfilling your dreams and carrying out your projects.

We know that entrepreneurship can be risky, but it actually brings many benefits. That is why today I would like to show you a step by step strategy that will help you to embark with clear objectives and succeed in the world of business. Will you join me?


Step-by-step strategy for successful entrepreneurship 

Did you know that 9 out of 10 start-ups fail? That’s right, because a good product is not enough. You also need a defined strategy to become an entrepreneur and gain autonomy to be the master of your own time and to develop economically, socially and intellectually.

This strategy will bring you closer to achieving this! It is important that you consider certain fundamental points:


Step 1: Know your market and familiarize yourself with your environment.

Every business plan must be framed within a general context or framework. This means that you must know your niche and your market. In other words, you must know the supply, demand, environmental complexities, trends, etc., in depth.

If you have a deep and thorough knowledge of your market, you will be able to identify the weak points of the competition and thus take advantage of them and enhance them in your venture.


Step 2: Seek consulting and learn as much as you can, always!

Many people make one major mistake: they believe that they have nothing left to learn.

Such a mindset is extremely harmful for entrepreneurs, as it does not allow their minds to absorb new knowledge and seek new solutions. The world is constantly changing, so we must always keep up to date.

Learn from the environment, from the people you come into contact with and/or seek advice from consultants, workshops or an online or in-person course. This is essential when it comes to entrepreneurship, as it expands your perspective and provides you with new tools.

According to Revista Emprende , “It is essential that those who are starting their business take advantage of training in the field, either through open access platforms, state competitive funds, innovation funds or initiatives of international organizations”.


Step 3: Consider risk and failure as part of the strategy and process.

It is important that you are well aware that, at some point, things may not go as expected, so create a margin for error and accept the possibility of failure beforehand. However, don’t let those thoughts discourage you, use them as fuel to drive you to start again in case your plan fails.

Quitting is one of the great enemies of entrepreneurs. Ultimately, as the popular saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. It is better to try and fail than to give up without even trying.

Do not forget that failure will always be present and the key to face it is your ability to adapt.


Step 4: Use creative and innovative thinking as your ally.

It is true that there are steps that you must follow when you start a business, but sometimes it is necessary to take different, unconventional and innovative paths to open the way to creativity.

Sometimes, thinking outside the box and the established boundaries is the key to success.


Step 5: Put order above all.

This is an important point, since being organized can help you to see things clearly and not miss any opportunity. You should apply this to everything: meetings, documents, finances, spaces, collaborators, etcetera.

If you maintain an established order you will be able to have a better management of time, money, your objects, and so forth, and you will be able to devote yourself to your projects with a clearer mind and know when you should take the appropriate step.


More considerations to dare to take the plunge and succeed

Following the step by step instructions I gave you above, you can begin to cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit, but there are also other more technical points that will be of great help to you. For example:

  • Create short, medium and long term goals that are subject to a business strategy.
  • Ensure that you optimize your social networks and website and that they are an open channel between your service or product and your audience.
  • Define your “buyer persona” or ideal customer and prepare your strategies focused on them.
  • Simplify your processes to save time and resources.
  • Network with other entrepreneurs to learn about their experiences and audiences.
  • Deliver a product with an added value, this will make it stand out from the competition and strengthen the bond with your customers.
  • Always be proactive by staying one step ahead.

Of the 7 billion people around the world, 400 million are entrepreneurs, according to  Hubspot and if you follow this strategy, you too can be part of that number and move your business forward.

I hope you find this strategy and tips to be useful so that you can carry out your projects and succeed.

And remember that there is no better strategy than trusting in yourself and in your capabilities and pushing your limits to go further.

With all of this said, do you dare to become an entrepreneur?


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