Sigue a Hernán en su travesía en tiempo real

Give a boost and help children

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Conference - Summit, Summit! Wake up and enjoy the journey

Live an experience that will awaken your potential, fill you with motivation and teach you to fulfill all your objectives, goals and dreams in just 3 steps.

I am Hernán Leal, a commercial engineer, entrepreneur, top-level athlete and motivational speaker, who thanks to my experience developed a practical 3-step model to define and then achieve dreams and goals.

It sounds very nice, but I have some particularities that you should know:

I have several disabilities, years ago I suffered a rotator cuff injury which made me lose much of my strength in my right arm, a paralysis in a vocal cord, which prevents me from normal oxygen intake and, although it sounds cliché, I suffer from attention deficit, which made my education and concentration process for some activities more challenging than for other people.

However, these disabilities did not slow me down and on the contrary, I learned to overcome them to reap triumphs.

Today, I want to share with you this method so that you too can achieve what you so desire.

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