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How to find love?:

Do you have doubts about how to find love? Are you looking
for a partner? Do you feel a little lost, because the world has
changed since the last time you asked someone out? Have
you been in a relationship for years and none really satisfies


Are you looking for a partner? Do you feel a little lost, because
the world has changed since the last time you asked someone
out? Do you take them from relationship to relationship and
none of them really satisfies you? Did you have a bad
experience and are you afraid of falling in love again? Has the
pandemic destroyed your social life? Did you open an account
on a dating app, but nothing good has come of it? Do you have
problems in your relationship and want to make it work? This
book is definitely for you. Hernán Leal has written a practical
and fun guide to help his readers find the love they are looking
for. Through its pages, they will learn to develop strategies to
attract the right people, to behave on dates so that both have a
good time, to focus on what really matters, to take the
necessary precautions so as not to end up with a broken heart.
and, most importantly, to build valuable relationships: safe,
reciprocal, loving, and happy. 

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If you consciously and honestly follow each of the steps, advice and exercises that I give you in the book, you will be able to have more clarity about the panorama and sentimental context in which you find yourself. This will help you to improve the search, to have better dates, and to know who to advance with and who to let go at the right time. So you will be able to find your right partner effectively.
What is true love? You have to distinguish between falling in love, which lasts between 6 months and 2 years, and mature love that depends on your decision. This book will help you find the right love, the one that fits what you have to offer and what you want to receive.
I offer you a wide variety of advice and tips, you can also find suggestions for meeting new people, what is the best dating app for you, how to effectively set up and create your profile, what to say and what not to say, what to do and what not to do do on your dates. What I'm looking for with this book is that you have less and less first dates and more second, third and so on until you find your right partner.Lo que busco con este libro es que cada vez tengas menos primeras citas y más segundas, terceras y así hasta que encuentres a tu pareja correcta.
Mature love is a choice, it is a relationship that survives time and problems. Falling in love on your part is caused by attraction and desire. Several studies affirm that falling in love produces in our brain the same behavior as an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and in certain people, it can become addictive. That is to say, falling in love is sometimes something uncontrollable and temporary that can cause disorders, while mature love is something voluntary that can last as long as the couples are willing to maintain the relationship.
This is the first step to getting over your ex! In the first chapter of this book, you will be able to find the guidelines so that you first work on yourself from the inside, get to know yourself and heal the wounds that still prevent you from moving forward. Once you have taken care of this, you can start your search for love.
With this book you will learn that the perfect partner does not exist, the right partner exists, the partner that has what you are looking for in someone to share life with. A person who feels happy with you accepts and appreciates what you have to offer.
In my book "How to find love, the Loyal method", you can find a list of the most used applications in the world to find a partner, each one has a description and thus you will be able to know which of all best suits what you are looking for. and you need.

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