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Motivacion para emprendedores

Motivation for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a complex process, having ups and downs along the way. Here, I share with you my knowledge, tips and experiences from my journey as an entrepreneur.

motivación empresarial

Business Motivation

Are you looking to awaken motivation, passion and a clear vision for the future in your company? Do you want an energetic team that will work towards reaching common objectives and achieving the proposed goals?

Motivación para niños

Motivation for children

Give children wings, they have the power to dream and achieve ambitious goals.

Hernan leal
“Reaching the summit of Everest inscribed a vision in my heart: we all have summits within us that we must conquer. Having been born into a struggling middle-class family, I was able to build a career as an entrepreneur and create a successful multinational company through pain and sacrifice. That is why I know that it is not up to luck but to our will to overcome the mountains that life presents us or let them become obstacles forever”.

– Hernán Leal

New edition


The boy and the mountain

When one dreams, there is never an end. A story that transforms stories

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