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Coaching for entrepreneurs


Before answering that question, you must understand what success means. From my experience, success is a mathematical formula:


Happiness is the path. As for me, I am happy when I am working to reach my peak, when I am on the mountain, which is different from the summit.

Achievement is a goal, it is to reach an objective

The difference between a goal and a path is the purpose. When the goal is just for the ego, it becomes happiness.

So, the first step is to know exactly what you want to achieve. It can be a personal or professional dream, or even a bit of both, but that will be the key to your success: understanding what it means to you.

Pursuing dreams

Once you are clear about your dream, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and start working towards it.

At this stage, planning is vital, and every step must be detailed and analyzed by those who know the subject.

Thus, if we are going to plan for the accounting, it is necessary to be advised by an accountant. If we are going to plan the legal aspect, it is necessary to be advised by a lawyer; and so on, for each area of work.

When we already have all the planning done, we must sit down to analyze and reflect: Is my dream viable?

If the answer is yes, then we have to start working. If the answer is no, we have to rethink it.

This does not mean that it will never be possible, but you should look for the limit of the idea or project and try to solve it. Maybe it has a solution, maybe not, but that should not be -necessarily- the end.

Let’s suppose that the dream that will lead us to success is viable and we have planned it correctly.

We must then seek funding, and here is a crucial test that I always use as an example: Ask your mother if she supports you in your project, because if she doesn’t even say yes, then your idea is not good. If she says yes only because she loves you, then you should look for someone else to give you their opinion.

Financing ideas

This brings us to the process that many people consider to be the big stumbling block: funding. Let me tell you something. If the project is good, you will always find funding. The first option is parents, then close relatives, friends, or you can even look for an external investor.

When the idea is good, you will always find a source of funding.

Once ready to launch the project, the one that will lead us to success, we must surround ourselves with the best; those people who will accompany us on the road to fulfill our dreams.

They must be trustworthy people who are very skilled in their area and are not looking to “pay favors” or “for commitment”. In addition, we do not need to be experts in each of the areas, but we do need to understand them.

And if a course or coaching session is necessary, then it should be done. This way, we won’t be fooled easily.

Having all this, we are ready to start walking the path that will lead us to fulfill our dreams and thus we will attain that long-awaited and longed-for success.