Sigue a Hernán en su travesía en tiempo real

Give a boost and help children

around the world

Give children wings, they have the power to dream and achieve ambitious goals.

It is necessary to identify their inner sparks and motivate them so that they will not be extinguished by society and persevere on the road to conquer their dreams.

Unlike adults,children believe that they can accomplish anything, and they can. In this conference Hernán seeks to connect children and adolescents with their dreams and passions, awakening the potential of their talents.

Through his experience and his practical 3-step method, Hernan motivates children to discover what moves them and how to make plans to achieve their dreams. And most importantly, to enjoy the journey to the goal.
This experience will empower the youth to be authentic, loyal to themselves and awaken a desire for self-improvement and happiness.

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