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Being motivated about personal change is a matter of business and numbers.

Change is going to happen as long as we are motivated to make it happen. And, believe it or not, it is a matter of business and numbers.

What do we mean by motivation?

It is important to understand that motivation means ” moving to action” and that is what drives us to change.

But what motivates us to change? In my opinion, awareness is the first thing, which means being clear that where we are now is not where we want to stay.

For example, “I do not like my work environment. I do not like what I do. I do not feel comfortable in the house I live in, the car I have, the partner that accompanies me, my current weight, etc.” and then we can take the first step.

Throughout my life I have seen how almost everyone complains about nearly everything that surrounds them or what they experience, but I have rarely seen people who truly assume that their unwanted situation, whatever it may be, can change and that it is up to each one of us to modify it.

The cost of change

It’s easier said than done, but why, when we know that the reality around us is unpleasant, don’t we motivate ourselves to change it? My answer is simple: every change implies a cost and sometimes it can be painful to assume it.

Therefore, it is difficult to implement a change knowing that we have to sacrifice something.

To change our house we must save, and saving implies sacrifice ( to stop consuming). To change our partner implies being alone, and loneliness is a sacrifice; to change our job we need to apply for different jobs and go to interviews. Not to mention, to be an entrepreneur, I would say that we have to make the sacrifices listed above.

Visualizing change leads to motivation

So, how does one motivate oneself to change despite knowing that the cost is very high?

My answer is “visualization”. We must imagine the new reality we desire and visualize that new scenario down to the smallest detail, for example: I look slim and lean, I can play sports with ease and I enjoy walking with vitality. I am overweight and, even if I have to make sacrifices and stop eating the things that I really like, this change will be worth it because I am attracted to the new reality that I envision. I like it and it benefits me greatly.

And therein lies the secret of motivation: The change I visualize is the income (addition) and the sacrifice is the cost (subtraction), so motivation will arise when the income is greater than the cost. If you dare to change to get something better, it can be a good investment if you think it through.

Basically, for you to be truly motivated to change you must clearly visualize the new reality you want, which must add up to more than the costs.

I invite you to learn more about my motivations and how I learned to dream big here.


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